torsdag 23 april 2015

Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Update Released!


A small update for this trainer now available and for the latest version for this game title.
A few requested options added into this one and some of the previouse options looked at and corrected.
Supported versions: steam v1.0335.2

måndag 20 april 2015

IGN previewing my trainer!

A big thank's to IGN for recognizing my work and to all others aswell!

You can download the latest trainer here! GTA V - Trainer


söndag 19 april 2015

Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Update Released! - Updated!

Below you may find an alternate version of the above trainer, same thing only some small changes done to it to try to solve options not working for all in previouse versions
Supported versions: steam v1.03

fredag 17 april 2015

Grand Theft Auto V - v1.03 - Trainer Update Released!

                                             Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Download Link!
                                         Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Download Link - Extra Link!
Links Updated For v1.03 - 18-04-2015

Small update available now!
Note: remember to read the included text file on how to use the trainer properly!

Supported versions: steam v1.03 - Update 18-04-2015



torsdag 16 april 2015

Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Update Released!

                                           Grand Theft Auto V - Trainer Download Link!
                                               Grand Theft Auto V - Extra Trainer Link!

This trainer is not intended for online cheating, if you have problems running it online, then dont ask me to solve that for you,
This trainer was made with intentions to be used in offline only mode.

Trainer updated, though its not 100% completed yet, but since time is time and since am nice i decided to release the new update for now.
final trainer will come later on.

Problems using it? read the trainer info, and install/reinstall VCredist x86/x64 ect....
I dont have all version, this version is for the retail version bought with my own life saving cash :)
Support me by donating and il work my butt of for your pleasure.

Note: incase your ingame using the previouse version of the trainer, id recomend restarting the game before using the new updated trainer provided here in this post.

Supported versions: steam v1.01